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A regenerating break in nature

Welcome to Bosco dei Cervi


"Bosco dei Cervi" means Forrest of the Deers"

The woods, which surround our structure and which are a constant in the panorama of this section of the Apennines, are an ideal hiding place and habitat for the typical local fauna. In particular, deer and roe deer come out of the woods and stop in the meadows in the evening and early in the morning to eat fresh herbs. The warning of these beautiful neighbors is so frequent that the B&B could only be dedicated to them, and to the emotion they transmit.

Our small hosting experiment, starting a few years ago, season after season is transforming in the growing pleasure to know and interact with our Guests, who are not the number of rooms or beds filled, but people bringing their life experience, their emotions and their loves, giving worth to our lives and making the Summer b&b season our most anticipated moment. To see our Guests sharing the joy of spending with us their precious vacation days, is giving us the most satisfaction and inspiration to make and become better and better.


The activities surrounding the B&B Bosco dei Cervi are innumerable. The Apennines are not an extreme mountain. It is welcoming and has soft profiles, in which man over the centuries has learned to coexist with nature, often inserting monuments of great value in a respectful environmental integration.

Our Services

A short holiday at the B&B Bosco dei Cervi offers you the pleasure of simplicity and will make you rediscover that tranquility that you think you have forgotten.



Rich traditional buffet breakfast which also includes various local products and homemade desserts.

Wide open spaces

Our garden has some areas equipped for picnics. It is a pleasant alternative solution proposed to our guests to have lunch and enjoy the outdoor spaces.